2019 reading stats and 2020 goals

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I am here to finally bring to a close my wave of overdue blog posts. I’ve had fun hashing out all the good, the bad and the uglies of 2019, and I decided to round it all off with two of my all-time favourite things: stats and goals. Also, I’m going to do this in bullet form cause that’s just way more fun, right?



  • In 2019 I read a total of 31 books, 1 of which was a DNF (but I still count that)
  • ALL of them were fiction. That’s right folks, I did not read one single non-fiction book, but that’s not at all surprising
  • 2 of them were rereads
  • These 31 consisted of 14 different series, 11 standalones and 1 short story collection
  • I completed 5 series (YAY)
  • 6 of these books were the first in a series which I will now have to complete (thanks, Caitlin)
  • Only 4 books were published in 2019 and the rest were backlisted (wow)
  • 22 were fantasy (I need to get my shit together, that’s 69%. I hope to drop that number at least slightly in 2020)
  • I purchased 15 books in 2019, and I don’t know how this compares to the average person, so I have nothing to comment on it



  • January:               3 books
  • February:             4 books
  • March:                  3 books
  • April:                     2 books
  • May:                      2 books
  • June:                     2 books
  • July:                      0 books (wow, okay)
  • August:                 2 books
  • September:          3 books
  • October:               4 books
  • November:            1 book
  • December:           4 books



  • I gave 6 books 5-star ratings
  • 2 books got 4,5-star ratings
  • 10 books got 4-star ratings
  • 5 books got 3-star ratings, and
  • 1 book got a 2-star rating


I think I must have been a bit too generous with my ratings because all the books in my previous post deserved no more than 2 stars in my eyes. In 2020 I will endeavour to be more critical, which finally leads me to my reading goals and resolutions for the year ahead.


  • I want to read 52 books this year (ouch)
  • I want to average around 5 books a month (ouch again)
  • I’ve estimated that I can probably achieve this if I read a little over 50 pages a day, which makes it seem slightly more manageable
  • I want to read 1 classic per month
  • Also, I want to read a few more adult novels (since 74% of my 2019 reads were YA)
  • I want to try branch into different genres and try to wean myself off of fantasy (though it will probably always be my favourite)
  • Finally, but most importantly, I want to focus on reading the many (many) unread books on my shelf before purchasing any new releases


2019 was the first year I had ever tracked my reading more thoroughly than just on Goodreads, and I found it really insightful and a good resource on which I could base my future goals and plans. In 2020, I will be using this spreadsheet which I found through the lovely Velvet Library over on YouTube.

Chat to me down in the comments about what your reading goals are for this year and how you plan on achieving them. Also, don’t forget to follow me over on my Bookstagram page!

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