life update, happy new year and my least favourite reads of 2019

“Happy New Year, bibliophiles”, she whispers from very far away. She is hiding. She’s hiding because it’s the last week of January and she’s only now hitting you up with 2019 wrap up posts and all the fun 2020 reading resolutions everyone is already tired of reading. It’s cool. We all bloom at our own pace.

On a serious note, happy 2020 for real. I hope that this year is incredibly productive for all of us and that we all finally get onto those novels we’ve been promising we’ll write, blog consistently, read ALL the books on our TBR’s (yeah right) and learn many, many cool new words so that we may always sound superior to our non-reading counterparts. Huzzah!

A lot has happened in my own life in the past few months in which I dropped off the grid (again). I’m going to talk about the biggest and most positive one though, which is the fact that I have officially completed my degree in Communication Science (with distinction, might I add). That’s right folks, I am graduating at the end of March 2020 and I can no longer call myself a university student. In sadder news, this also means I no longer have a viable excuse to exempt me from all the various social interactions I’ve been avoiding for the past three years. Wish me luck. Does this mean I want to use my newfound free time to read and write and blog and frolic all over the internet? Of course. Does it mean I will? Likely not. But nobody’s perfect.

Now that I have rambled sufficiently, I’m going to talk about how my 2019 went in terms of reading, and what I have planned for the year ahead. I’ll start off by listing off my favourite and least favourite reads of 2019, even though I am in fact two months late to the party. Since I prefer to start with the bad news and end off with the good, here are my least favourite reads of 2019 in no particular order:

King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo

I’m not going to get into this, guys. I’m really not. If I was passionate enough to write a whole entire post about why I had a problem with this book, that says enough. You can read about it here so that I don’t have to repeat myself or get myself riled up for no good reason.

Viper by Bex Hogan

I reviewed this book on my blog a few months ago too and I can honestly say that I didn’t hate it. Not by a long shot. However, looking back on my 2019-reads Goodreads shelf, this book was one of very few that stuck out at me as being a bit of a thumbs down in 2019. All in all, this plot was predictable in a seen-it-all-before kind of way. The characters did pretty much nothing for me and the writing was kind of cheesy in my own humble opinion. I’m assuming there will be a sequel and you can all assume I will be giving it a hard miss.

Dead Sexy by Kathy Lette

Okay, so this one was a bit left field for me. I read this in the last week of 2019 in a desperate attempt to squeeze in one last book to complete my Goodreads challenge for the year (which I did manage, by the way). A family member chucked this thing my way and said, “hey, this is a quick and funny read you’ll get through it in like a day”. Naturally, I went for it and woah, was I ever astounded. This book was just absolutely nonsensical. Not one of the characters was likeable, the plot was absolutely RIDICULOUS (I’m minding my language now) and completely unbelievable. The writing sucked and the whole book was astonishingly sexist (though it was evidently trying to be). The only thing Dead Sexy had going for it was that there were a handful of ‘haha funny’ one-liners and that was IT. Boo you, two stars and that’s probably being generous.

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

Ooh, scandalous? I’m not sure. This is by far one of the most popular books maybe of all time (don’t quote me on that) and I full-on did not enjoy any aspect of it. I understand that Eleanor and Park dealt with some important topics, especially in YA, I just don’t know if they were handled particularly well. Aside from that, I found the characters all disgustingly annoying, the writing didn’t click with me, and let’s not even get started on the nonsensical insta-love situation. On top of all this, the whole book was weirdly racist in a way that didn’t seem to challenge the issue in any positive way whatsoever. I was completely shocked at how much I didn’t enjoy this book after having it on my TBR for years, but I guess you can’t win them all.

All in all, 2019 was a very decent reading year for me. I honestly couldn’t find more than these four books to add to this list, and four out of thirty-one is really not a bad ratio in my eyes. Let me know what your absolute WORST read of 2019 was down in the comments and let’s complain about them together.

PS: if for some unknown reason you’re interested in reading more about any of these books, the titles are links to their respective Goodreads pages. You’re welcome.



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  1. Caitlin look at you BLOGGING?!?!?

    Can I just say that I’m OBSESSED with this post?? Like I LOVE IT!! So freaking excited for you to get back into it, I swear it gets more fun. Give it a month HA.

    You… make me scared to read King of Scars ahhh. Oh and also apparently Eleanor is not loved anymore, there’s some controversy around that book. Her other books are better though, as is the writing style.


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