Still Me is the third and final instalment of the Me Before You series by Jojo Moyes. I read Me Before You sometime in 2015, a few years after it was released and although it truly wrecked my entire being, I adored it. I considered it one of my favourite books for a long time and when I heard that a sequel was being written my emotions went all over the place – so much so that I never bothered to read it.


I had decided that the ending of the first book was (more than) conclusive enough for me and that I didn’t want to put myself through any further Moyes-induced agony. As much as I loved the story, I left it where it was and quite happily never thought about it again.

Three years down the line, lucky me received a review copy of the THIRD instalment – Still Me – from Penguin Random House. This put me in a predicament and I had no idea what to do with myself until I did the obvious thing – purchased the second book, After You. I quite literally flew through book two and three and I can honestly say that I was pleasantly surprised. The way Moyes managed to carry Louisa’s story and keep me interested after the main event – cough – in Me Before You, was commendable.


Still Me follow’s Lou’s journey to the Big Apple on a completely new adventure for her, working for yet another incredibly rich family and taking care of the temperamental Polish wife of a corporate man who obviously doesn’t have the time to do so himself. Lou struggles to find her feet and feel at home in New York and her new long-distance relationship with her paramedic man, Sam,  doesn’t make the adjustment any easier for her. She discovers secrets and learns she must keep them no matter what, struggles with missing home, balancing trust and finding herself.

The way this novel (particularly the latter half) shifted the story’s focus onto Louisa as a person, who she is and what she actually wants out of life was amazing. As a character I’d grown rather emotionally invested in, seeing her finally explore and grow into who she is was so refreshing and exciting for anyone who knows her story. The ending of this book felt as though Louisa was finally living up to Will Traynor’s expectations of her – she was living. Moyes balanced this aspect of her story with the romantic elements so well, it didn’t feel forced or fake or as though Lou’s relationship had taken over her identity. I wasn’t keen, however on the fact that she looked past the emotional (and possibly physical) cheating that went down whilst she was in New York, but I suppose it needed to be there for the dramatic flair – this is contemporary fiction, after all.


On the side line, I have to mention how BEAUTIFUL the cover of this book is. It is majestic. It is regal. And at the same time, it is absolutely adorable with the little bumblebee that breaks my heart because I am far too emotionally invested in this story – but the point is that the book itself is almost as gorgeous as the story within its pages.

I rated this book four out of five stars on Goodreads and I would honestly recommend this trilogy to anyone whose heart is strong enough to take the beating it’ll get (ha ha) (it’s not funny). Massive thank you to the lovely people at Penguin Random House for sending me a review copy and forcing me to give up my stubborn ways and read the damn thing!

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  1. I like that in this story Lou finds herself and the title is “Still Me.” I haven’t read the books but have watched the movie based on Before You and loved her character don’t think I would manage the book though siunds like an emotional roller-coaster ride! Great review 😀

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