Here’s some photographic evidence of my existence. There’s more of that over on my instagram – @palegoldpages.

Okay, so I may have momentarily fallen off the grid there, but I’m back and I’m not making any promises that it’ll stay that way (just a fair warning).

I swear I didn’t just get really bored and bail. Somewhere around mid-February my life exploded into an endless sea of to-do lists and mental breakdowns. Some stuff happened at work that is exceptionally boring, and I am therefore not going to elaborate but it essentially resulted in me being VERY busy all of a sudden. This happened to take place at the exact same time that my boyfriend and I decided to move in together which involved a lot more planning and freaking out than I initially would’ve imagined. On top of all of this, school has been very intense in terms of assignments and preparing for exams and with all of this going on I’ve barely had a minute of free time to read a book, let alone review one or take any photos.

And it has been sucky. Seriously. The creativity lobe in my brain feels like a grape that’s rolled under the fridge and been forgotten there to slowly rot and dry out and now it’s like a raisin but not quite. I’ve been lost for inspiration and not having the time to write has in turn made me not want to write, if that makes any sense.

BUT. It would appear that the chaos is slowly starting to settle. I’m getting into more of a set routine at my new flat, work isn’t quite as busy as it has been for the past two months or so and last weekend I managed to finish my final (killer) assignment for this semester, which was ruining my life quite efficiently all on its own. This morning (probably last week by the time this goes up), I felt the pull to get onto my laptop and just quickly smash something out on the keyboard for the first time in weeks, so here I am, tentatively venturing back into the online world.

I have still been reading; barely, but I have and I’m quite excited to share some of my thoughts on the few books I’ve managed to guzzle whilst rolling about in my pit of despair. Reviews for Still Me by Jojo Moyes and Mine by Sally Partridge to follow (perhaps amongst others) and in terms of April, I am looking forward to motoring my way through A Court of Mist and Fury and A Court of Wings and Ruin in time for the new release next month (squee!).

What new releases are you all freaking out about lately? I’ve been off the grid so long I don’t even really know what’s been released and coming out – let me know what’s going on in the world of books!

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  1. WOW life really sounds like it’s been insane. You must be exhausted. Sorry about all the chaos! But I’m glad things are calming down, and that there has been good stuff amidst the craziness.
    Hope you have an amazing April! ❤

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