Numero Uno

Generic cloudy blog header: check. Cluelessness: check. Bland as all hell headline: check. Obligatory introductory first blog post: here we go.

Let’s start this out as basic as possible. I’m Caitlin. I’m eighteen years old, live in South Africa (ooh, interesting isn’t it? (not really)), am a ridiculously average human being and I have absolutely no idea why I’m even doing this. A few weeks ago I finished high school and I guess that means I’m about to enter what my grandmother calls “the real world”.

While doing excessive scrolling on Pintrest, Tumblr and the likes, I got the ridiculous idea that I should start blogging, to document (I guess) my little journey into life outside school. Why? I already have a journal that I use almost religiously, so it’s not like I need an outlet of any sort, but the idea wormed it’s way into my brain and it won’t leave me alone unless I at least give this a shot.

I have sincere doubts that anything I post will be read by even one single soul, but that’s alright, it might be a fun exercise anyway and something to look back on (and probably cringe at) in my forthcoming university years.

So I guess that’s me. Maybe I’ll do more of a personal intro of some sort in another post, but for now, I have things to do (utter lies). How do I end this off? Bye?

Ok bye.

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