Actually About Me

The window is just because I feel like the post needs some or other visual aspect.

I did mention in my first post, from about a million years ago, that I would introduce myself more thoroughly at some point. That point is now, apparently.

After some encouragement from my boyfriend, I’ve decided to start maybe putting an actual effort into this blog. I finally have a handful of ideas that I could start playing around with, and I’m going to try be a little more consistent about it – meaning I’d like to post something about once a month. It’s a start, right? I want to start posting more because I think it could be a good way to start developing my writing in a more public manner than my bedside journal.

I figure before I start writing about my life (and whatever else I fancy talking about), I should say something a little more about who I actually am – not that I’m entirely sure myself.

I’m Caitlin. I’m nineteen. I live in South Africa. I’ve mentioned all this before. I finished school in 2015 and decided that 2016 would be a break from studies for me. I’m currently doing a “gap year course” (I’m not sure how else to put it) at a finishing school and learning some interesting new things all the time, about life and about myself.

I am an aspiring journalist who heavily doubts her own writing skills (nice combination, right?) and an excessive user of the comma. I’m obsessed with lists and writing things down and keep about 4 different journals, each with a different purpose. I am (as I very recently realised) an extreme introvert, but I love my boyfriend, close friends and family more than anything (also my dog, but let’s not go into that).

I’m planning on writing about my own day-to-day experiences and progression through self-discovery, if any of that ever happens, general thoughts and opinions (because I laugh in the face of danger), some photography, health and fitness related sorts of things (maybe?) and perhaps one day I’ll look into why I’m so into parentheses (the answer is that I don’t know myself, but I’m starting to feel that it’s becoming a problem and I need to be controlled).

I’m excited to start documenting my endlessly interesting existence. Good luck to anyone who bothers reading.

let me know your thoughts!